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Strip Layout Design Concept for Metal Stamping

Strip Layout Design Concept for Metal Stamping

All metal stamping designs should start with the basics. A solid foundation is required with both a visual and technical guide to progress further.

The strip layout is the starting point of a design which is the foundation or plan to manufacture and build the actual tool.

The strip layout design has several purposes. Once complete, it gives a visual representation to the manufacturing facility and to the client to have a good idea how the tool will work and how each progression or step will be made once the strip or coil is inserted into the die. The stamping can then begin.

This visual guide is the most important aid for the designer. It reveals details to clearly see how each feature must be made at each progression as the strip advances into the tool. Then important decisions can be made to simplify the final design or make it fit for automation and most importantly to improve it before it even starts.

The strip layout should include punches, form blocks, pilots, and some die blocks in order to make it clear how the tool will work and produce the parts. It is to ensure that the tool will do exactly what it is supposed to do.

Tool and die designers who neglect putting enough effort into this process, often end up with design errors. As a result, the manufactured stamping tools don’t perform well enough or don’t work at all. In that case costly modifications are necessary to correct mistakes before production can start. Usually these tools are notorious for break downs and require maintenance more often than others.

The proper design of a strip layout gives a piece of mind to the tool and die designer to proceed in the right direction. It is insurance for the end user or those who finance the project and want to be sure that their investments are in good hands with the tool working efficiently for a long period of time without breaking down. This is what it is all about. The sole purpose of a metal stamping tool is to produce as many identical high quality parts as possible at the shortest amount of time without stopping. Every time the tool requires maintenance and is not producing, it takes money away and becomes less efficient.

A good metal stamping die starts with a solid foundation, a good strip layout that gives the chance to eliminate future nuances, and to build world class tools that you can count on.

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